meet katie

It all started with a neglected garden bed overgrown with weeds.

An entire neglected backyard, if I’m being honest. I was in year two of owning a fixer-upper house that I bought (all by myself, mind you) which was both exciting and terrifying! 

This house had more projects than I could fathom. But it was the wild backyard that won me over. It was an empty canvas, waiting to be filled with the beauty of flowers, herbs and vegetables. The vision was so clear in my mind – but life got in the way.

I was leading a demanding career in Corporate America and felt immense pressure to not only do everything – but to do it well. Which inevitably led to me feeling like I was suffocating under a mountain of responsibilities. Responsibilities that served everyone but me.

I was working tirelessly to meet my employers revenue goals, hopping on planes, flying around the world, meeting with customers and speaking at conferences.
It was never-ending. I was exhausted. I had nothing left for me.

Perhaps you have felt this way too? Like you are giving so much of yourself in different parts of your life – as a professional, as a partner, as a parent, as a friend, as a family member? That you have lost yourself? You aren’t alone.

I wanted to run away.

My runaway fantasy has always been to live on acres of land, surrounded by chickens, goats, pigs, my dogs, and every vegetable, herb and flower I could dream of. Sound familiar?

I’ve even gone so far as to make dream boards with all of these things prominently featured and set Redfin alerts for land over 5 acres. I thought that this land was the ticket to my freedom and happiness. And that until I got it, I would be stuck.

Then one day, I walked out to the weeds in my garden. It was almost as if they were beckoning me to sit with them, get to know them – and yes, even pull them. I spent hours every day pulling the weeds – sometimes slowly because I would look them up to learn what they were.

A connection was forming between me and the plants, me and the soil, me and my garden. I felt my roots growing in this place I was resisting to call home because it didn’t match my fantasy.

Suddenly, I realized
that the home I was longing for was in my garden.

I woke up to my passion for gardening and started learning as much as I could. Pouring over books, experimenting, making mistakes, taking classes, even becoming a certified Master Gardener! The passion didn’t end there, as I started branching out to wildcrafting and foraging and taking note of the seasonal shifts and its impact on me, as well as the garden.

All of this led me to the creation of Urban Taproots:

  • A space where I can help you thrive in your garden – no matter how big or small!
  • A space where you don’t need acres of land to have this nourishing connection with nature.
  • A space where you too can find home in your garden.

Welcome to this space, dear friend! I’m so happy you are here!

It has been so meaningful to have such a creative & knowledgeable woman to help me and my family on the journey of growing our own organic produce.
Mel M.