39 Things I Know at 39

April 30, 2023

My favorite time of the year for self-reflection is not the beginning of the year, but the anniversary of the beginning of my life – otherwise known as my birthday! Today, I have accomplished 39 rotations around the sun, and I could not be happier! 

I can never understand why our society shames us for aging. It is such a gift! And with each year, I gain more life experiences, more perspective and more wisdom. I know I have so much more to gain in life, but I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts and life lessons from the past 39 years. Let me know if any of these resonate with you.

  1. Self reflection is such a gift to humans – embrace that gift
  2. Your relationship with yourself will be the longest one in your lifetime – prioritize it
  3. Embrace the wild – in your garden and yourself
  4. A true test of strength is practicing vulnerability
  5. Look for magic in the ordinary – its waiting for you
  6. “Normal” is boring – seek out experiences that transcend “normal”
  7. Know when to walk away from something that no longer serves you
  8. Practice gratitude every single day – it will shift your energy
  9. Life is messy – don’t avoid the mess
Wild garden

10. Whenever you feel overwhelmed – go out in nature, breath deep and get rooted
11. Hyper-productivity is addictive – don’t let it rule you
12. There is a season for creativity, and a season for rest – respect the season you are in
13. You have everything you need – right now – no matter what you have
14. Seek out that which humbles you
15. When you are truly present, you can be humbled by a blade of grass

Blade of grass

16. Make time for the things that excites your inner child
17. If you have a dream, and it scares you – do it!
18. Give your dreams and goals the flexibility to transform
19. Never ignore your intuition
20. Don’t weed someone else’s garden – literally and figuratively


21. Don’t make yourself smaller to make someone else comfortable
22. A beautiful garden does not grow overnight – give yourself time
23. People enter our lives to teach us, and vice versa. Embrace the opportunity to learn
24. Predicting the future is futile – so stop trying
25. Allow yourself to make mistakes
26. Love yourself unconditionally
27. Allow others to be who they are
28. Allow yourself to be who you are
29. If you have to force something to work, it isn’t meant for you

Garden harvest

30. Uncertainty is a part of life – rather than fear it – embrace it
31. If you don’t know the answer, just wait. It will come to you
32. Plant that which brings you joy! Life is too short to nurture someone else’s definition of perfection
33. Purpose can be defined by impact – and impact can be made with kindness
34. Purpose and success are not the same thing
35. The risks worth taking are worth taking
36. Courage is being afraid of something, but doing it anyways – don’t avoid fear!
37. Allow the Universe to catch you in a trust fall!
38. Sharing your garden harvest is an act of love
39. It’s never too late to start a garden

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